Tips for Keeping Your Car Warm This Winter in Paris, Kentucky

Tips for Keeping Your Car Warm This Winter

Joe Turner's Blog | Tips for Keeping Your Car Warm This Winter

Baby, it’s getting cold outside! If the first true cold snap has hit in your area of the country, you feel it down to your bones. Nowhere do you feel it more than when you get in a cold car. If you find that your car just doesn’t warm up to your desired level of comfort, there may be a problem. Here are a couple of simple checks to make before you head to the mechanic.


  • Check your coolant level - It could make a huge difference if you are only a liter low on this most important fluid and can affect the quality of heat from your HVAC system. Always check your fluids when the engine is cold and make sure you are parked on a level surface. You will find your coolant reservoir with marked ‘low’ and ‘full’ lines on the side. Never fill past the full line. Instead of using water, make sure you buy the proper coolant for your vehicle. There are several on the market to choose from, but the standard is a pre-mixed brand. These are already diluted to the maximum freeze-point protection.


  • Check your air filter - Just as a dirty and clogged furnace filter can reduce the efficiency of the furnace in your home, a clogged cabin air filter can reduce the efficiency of heat flow in your car. It can also contribute to lower gas mileage and window fogging.


If you have time on those freezing cold mornings, it’s always a good idea to start your car and let it run a few minutes to warm up the engine before you take off down your driveway. This also allows time for your heater coils to warm and push that toasty air into your vehicle. Now, get out there and stay warm!!!!

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