Is now the time to upgrade your Fleet? in Paris, Kentucky

Is now the time to upgrade your Fleet?

Joe Turner's Blog | Is now the time to upgrade your Fleet?

With  the country coming out of the Covid 19 there is no better time to upgrade your fleet and real take over your market!!!!

Sounds crazy right...

All the big auto manufacturers are doing everything they can to move there product as fast as they can. I worked as a electrician for over 15 years and I completely understand the saying "you are only as good as the tools you use to get the job done" a lot of us want to belive that it's our skill that gets the job done. But think about this. If you use a broken hammer, how long will it take you to drive the nail? Now, if you use the new unbroken hammer to drive the nail, How long will it take you to drive the nail?

It is the same concept with your vehicle you use to get to that job site, to haul your tools and supplies. If the truck or van brakes down and your late to the job, just how long do you think you will keep that job.

Call me today and lets work together to upgrade your fleet and let me help you get the job done and grow your business.


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