How to Respond in a Car Accident in Paris, Kentucky

How to Respond in a Car Accident

Joe Turner's Blog | How to Respond in a Car Accident

Accidents happen, and they happen all the time. We call them accidents because we never mean for them to happen. But when they do, are you equipped to respond correctly? When a car accident occurs, do you know what is required by law for you to do?

I hope you never have to use these tips, but in the instance that an accident happens, you should know how to respond.


  1. Stay at the scene of an accident - Never drive away no matter who is at fault. You must always remain on scene.
  2. Prevent further accidents- You can do this by keeping flares and flashlights on hand so people can see you.
  3. Call 9-11 - Even if the accident is minor, your insurance might need a report from the police.
  4. Never guess what caused the accident- Not only is it important to tell the actual events that occurred, it too can help in figuring if you sustained any injuries, as most show up hours later.
  5. File a claim with insurance - Make sure you notify your insurance company of any damages obtained during the accident and find out if they cover the damages.


Always be on high alert when driving.  Decrease any distractions so you can do your best to prevent any accidents from occurring. Stay safe out there!

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