How to Overcome Your Vehicle’s Blind Spots? in Paris, Kentucky

How to Overcome Your Vehicle’s Blind Spots?

Joe Turner's Blog | How to Overcome Your Vehicle’s Blind Spots?

We all have them! Some have more than others, but if you drive a car, you have them too. Blind spots!  You try your best to keep them in mind while driving and hope that you covered everything prior to backing up or switching lanes.


No need to hope anymore. Here are 5 ways to rid of blind spots!


  1. Prior to driving, tilt your head to the left so it is even with the window. You should be able to see the side of your car from this angle on the driver’s side. Now do this again but to the right. You are now properly looking at your side blind spots.
  2. Set your side mirrors to 15-degree angles on both sides.
  3. Adjust the rearview mirror that you always see straight out your back window.
  4. Always turn your head over your shoulder to see anything that may be within your blind spots.
  5. Use your backup camera to see more of the back end of your vehicle.


You should practice these steps every time you begin to back up or switch lanes to avoid accidents within blind spots. Hopefully, these tips will help and you will never be overlooking your vehicle's blind spots again.

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