Great Car Gift Ideas for Mom! in Paris, Kentucky

Great Car Gift Ideas for Mom!

Joe Turner's Blog | Great Car Gift Ideas for Mom!

Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day “happy” to give you mom this Mother’s Day? May I ask you to consider doing a little something for her car. Mom’s spend a lot of time in the car between work, running errands, and running carpools, so keeping it safe and looking good is very important. Enhancing her enjoyment while she is in the car is a thoughtful and caring way to show her you care. Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • Routine Maintenance: Most cars need routine maintenance done on a regular basis. Take your Mom’s car in for service whether it’s in the 30k mile range or over. Cars inevitably wear down over time and your mom’s car has surely been used to transport, haul and carpool its fair share. Now is the perfect time to bring it in to get it serviced.
  • Scratches and Dent Repair: All cars unavoidably get bumped and whether or not any of the dings and dents on your mom’s car were caused by you or your siblings, Mother’s Day is a great time to get them all fixed.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Accessories (OEM): If your mom’s car has seen a few miles, chances are her accessories are wearing out. Get Mom some new floor mats to keep her car cleaner than ever, or a cargo net to store the groceries and supplies she’s always picking up. Mom might need to have the damaged steering wheel replaced with one that’s stylish, possibly even leather covered. You can also gift Mom roof racks or brand memorabilia to keep her styling as she rides the roads.
  • Other Auto Accessories: Mom might like a GPS navigation system, remote starter, or satellite radio. Security devices such as a remote keyless entry or alarm systems are also great gift ideas.
  • New Tires: If your mom’s tires are on their last tread, now is the perfect time to replace them. Good tires are one of the most important features for the overall performance for our cars, and they’ll keep Mom safe while she’s out there on the road.
  • A New Car: If a new car for Mom is within your budget, this could be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Mom has spent countless hours and countless dollars raising you and being an immovable foundation for your family. If you have the opportunity, get Mom into a brand-new ride.

Moms are always doing their best for us. They sacrificially give their time and energy to make sure we meet all our needs. This Mother’s Day, I want to wish all the mom’s out there the best day ever! Thank you for all you do! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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