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October is National Car Care Month!

With summer memories fading fast, we turn to all the thrills that are, FALL! It’s time to get your car winter-ready and in top condition for the cold m onths ahead. Here are a few tips to help you make sure your...

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

A Much-Needed Recap on How to Avoid Distracted Driving We all have had those moments when we were running late for work or in a big hurry to get home. Some of us even use the time it takes to...

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5 Reasons Why April is a Great Month to Buy a Car

April! It’s a time for spring rainstorms and obnoxious (or awesome) April Fool’s Day pranks. And if you’re thinking about buying a car, April might just be the month...

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May is Military Appreciation Month!

Military Appreciation Month was introduced in 1999 by Sen. John McCain and we honor our service members every May. Military Appreciation Month encourages Americans to reflect on the sacrifices made by our soldiers,...

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April is National Pet Month

If you absolutely love going on trips and long drives in your car, but you feel bad having to leave your furry friend behind, you are not alone. You want to take him or her with you, but you may not know how to make...

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