Cars From the Past - When Road Trips Were Really Uncomfortable! in Paris, Kentucky

Cars From the Past - When Road Trips Were Really Uncomfortable!

Joe Turner's Blog | Cars From the Past - When Road Trips Were Really Uncomfortable!

Do you remember riding in your parent's car as a child? It may not have been the most comfortable road trip for you or anyone else. Today's cars, trucks, and SUV's are extremely different than the ones built in the 1900s.

Included in the evolution of the vehicle was the addition of many technological advancements, making cars more than objects used to get us from point A to B. Now, they are more like entertainment centers on wheels.

Thanks to the contribution of many inventors, some vehicles come equipped with movie screens, music centers, and smartphone connectivity. We may not realize it, but these features make road trips much more fun.

Having the ability to turn on a movie for the kids in the back to watch and to wirelessly connect your phone to play your favorite songs, are options most cannot imagine living without.

Picture having to go on a 6, 8, or 10-hour family road trip with nothing to entertain you. What would that feel like?

Would it make the drive feel longer? Probably.

Would it make the drive uncomfortable? Absolutely.

There are generations who have experienced a drive without all the devices we are used to today, but at least they had the radio, right? Yes, but only after 1929. It wasn't until almost 1930 when the car radio was invented. Can you imagine what those road trips were like?!

Two words... REALLY uncomfortable. Thank goodness for the comfortable rides we have for going on road trips today.

If you need help picking out the most comfortable new vehicle for you or your family, give me a call. I would be happy to assist you!

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