4 Ways to Keep You & Your Car's Spirits Up! in Paris, Kentucky

4 Ways to Keep You & Your Car's Spirits Up!

Joe Turner's Blog | 4 Ways to Keep You & Your Car's Spirits Up!

A new season can often make us want to better our lives, and that includes taking care of the surrounding things, like our vehicle. But where do you start when wanting to take better care of the vehicle you love, which in turn, can keep costs low and the lifespan of your vehicle longer, making you happier?

Here are 4 ways to keep you and your car happy:

Combine Your Errands - Running multiple errands at one time during slow traffic times will keep your engine happier, as it decreases idling and stop and start times.

Do Not Idle Your Vehicle - When at a traffic stop or having to wait in traffic, put your vehicle in the neutral position to stop working your engine when stopped.

Do Not Warm Your Engine - For some reason, we were made to believe that allowing our engines to warm up after it has sat for a while or first thing in the morning was a good idea. Wrong. This only causes incomplete fuel combustion, adding soot to your vehicle's cylinder walls, which ultimately damages those components.

Accelerate Slowly During Start-Up - If you drive too fast when you first start your vehicle, you are essentially putting it into shock and it can damage your engine. This too should be noted; that the most wear and tear happens to your engine and drive train within the first 10-20 minutes of operating your vehicle. So, the better you treat her on start-up, the happier she'll be in the long run.

I hope these tips make you happier by saving on car costs and repairs. In turn, abiding by these tips will keep your four-wheeled friend around a little longer.

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